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Our Place in Sydney's Culinary History:

Cesare's No Name Family Restaurant is a reflection of the success of many family businesses created by Italians who came to Australia in the 1950's. It is an example of how a consistent quality product and good service keeps people coming back again and again over the years.

In the case of Cesare's No Name, the children and grandchildren of customers that first 'discovered' the restaurant in the 1950s, 60's and 70s have been coming back to be served in turn by the children and grandchildren of Cesare and his wife Luciana, the founders of the restaurant.

With a name that has sparked many a conversation over its origin, how did it all really begin?

The Cesare's No Name story began with Cesare leaving Rome in 1952 to come to Australia with high aspirations for his future. He had acquired cooking skills working in the kitchen of Il Faro, one of Rome's most prestigious hotel restaurants in the 1940s and he had a strong interest in having his own business in a land that appeared to promise so much following World War II.

Cesare's early years in Australia were spent in the Queensland cane fields and then the outback but he never lost his interest in food. He enjoyed cooking for friends and fellow migrants and producing meals in a simple rustic style which brought out the wholesome flavours of fresh Australian produce of the time.

Eventually he arrived in Sydney where he decided to open his first eatery in East Sydney. Word of the excellent, simple and non fussy food that captured the essence of friends coming together from all walks of life and strongly reminded people of home, was quickly passed on through the vibrant Italian & European migrant community. Simple ingredients together with a man who had been cooking since he was a teenager truly made for delicious food that people are still talking about.

The No Name legacy began when the original sign – 'Il Faro Club' (in memory of Il Faro in Rome) kept being knocked down by passing rubbish trucks. In keeping with Cesare's 'no frills & no fuss' approach and perhaps being a little fed up with having to replace the sign, eventually it was left with no name – literally.

Cesare's No Name Family Restaurant Today: New Beginnings from Strong Traditions

Whilst making his mark in the early days and leaving a lasting food legacy in inner city Sydney, Cesare then decided to set up shop in a quirky pub in Glebe, offering a dining experience the first of its kind. Sixty years on and three generations later, Cesare's No Name Family Restaurant now calls Leichhardt home. It is now operated by Cesare and Luciana's daughter Ornella and their grandchildren Fabiola, Adrian and Simona.

While Cesare, now retired, only pops in for visits, his well-proven recipes are still being followed. Ornella said, 'My son Adrian sources the best fresh ingredients & seafood every day just as dad did, and we still use his recipes and cooking methods. Adrian was taught by his nonno."

"We have a core menu of long-term favourites but we also introduce new dishes that fit in with the No Name ethos of simply prepared, tasty food. We are all about maintaining our history of consistency of product, service and value, but without losing sight of new things."

Just like Cesare's No Name Family Restaurant has brought in three generations of Cesare's family, it now attracts three generations of clientele. 'We have patrons who have brought their children here and now their grandchildren,' Ornella said. 'Looking around and reflecting on the many decades of cooking makes us so proud to continue our grandparents' legacy,' Adrian added. 'Many of our loyal patrons say it feels like home, they'd been eating here for years and the tastes were exactly how they remembered them from their childhood.'

Whilst others have claimed to be the 'original', Cesare and his family know their history, who they are today and significantly, where they are heading in the future.

When Cesare was asked if he ever envisioned his grandchildren carrying on the family business, Cesare didn't answer; the warm smile and tear in his eye said it all.

Come down and be a part of 'the family' where tradition & passion truly run deep.